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Evergreen Success Cashflow Summit

The ULTIMATE Meetup and Networking Event for Real Estate Entrepreneurs!

Seattle (Bremerton), WA | May 6-7, 2017. (VIP Workshop Session, May 8)

The Main Event will be limited to 50 attendees.  The VIP Workshop Session is limited to 10 registrants.



May 6, 2017 through May 7, 2017 (VIP Session, May 8) – Seattle (Bremerton), WA

The Evergreen Success Cashflow Summit is the brainchild of Larry Gill and Marishka Pilch, of Seattle, WA. These two real estate entrepreneurs are a married couple who, when they’re not out on their tandem bicycle or traveling, enjoy doing creative deals and networking with other real estate entrepreneurs.  One day, Larry (while he was in the shower) had an idea. (Don’t all of the best ideas happen while in the shower?)  He thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have an organized meetup based around creative and cashflow real estate niches, network, learn & have fun with other like-minded individuals from across the country?”

He shared the idea with his wife (and business partner) Marishka, and being the risk-averse investor that she is, they decided to test the waters and produce a one day workshop locally at Camp Sambica.  That event was a big hit, with over 35 investors attending.  So, one thing lead to another and the FIRST Evergreen Success Workshop took place in Kapaa, Hawaii, in December 2014. The results were AWESOME. We had a total of 12 entrepreneurs who came from around the country to attend the LIVE event & mastermind in an intimate suite at the Marriott Courtyard Kauai at Coconut Beach, on the beautiful island of Kauai.

The Evergreen Success Cashflow Workshop also took place Kauai.  Every single attendee from the first Kauai Workshop got so much out of it that they immediately committed to attend that second workshop, plus we added a few more.  Many people who were unable to attend have told us “wow, I wish I could come to your next event in Kauai” or “I’ll be there next time”.  With that in mind, we decided to produce a workshop closer to home, so that more people could attend without breaking the bank on travel to Hawaii.  That said, we still plan to keep the group relatively small.

Click to listen to what an attendee at one of our very first Evergreen Workshop in May 2014 had to say.

Some of the things we’ve covered at previous events: Marketing, social media marketing, contracts, notes, deal analysis, lifestyle, lease options, coaching & consulting, how to find deals, talking to sellers, and much, much more!

At our past Summits, people from all over the NATION were able to network… ENJOY GREAT FOOD… and have an intimate & comfortable experience at our event that no other real estate event that we know of can match!

A little background on folks who created the Evergreen Success Cashflow Summit…

Marishka Pilch specializes in alternative finance (lease purchase, seller finance, etc.) as well as buying notes.  With a background in mortgage lending, and growing up with a construction family, she says real estate is just in her blood.  Marishka left her corporate job and has been a full time real estate entrepreneur since 2012.  She (and Larry) have coached a number of real estate entrepreneurs all over the country to success, and they are currently developing a lease purchase course

Larry Gill is the “secret sauce” of this real estate investing team.  Having owned a successful photography business for over 25 years, Larry heads up the marketing side of the business, including all the beautiful photographs they use on their websites (no stock photos here) and in their marketing.  He also manages their rehab projects.

Special Guests:

Claude Diamond, founder of the G.U.T.S. sales system. Claude is a MASTER of sales systems, closing deals, lease options and social media explosion. He will be presenting on Saturday and Sunday.   For more info on Claude:  www.ClaudeDiamond.com

Stay Tuned!  Speaker list will be updated with more great speakers!

BOTTOM LINE: If you are a wholesaler, this event is for YOU. If you are a newbie, this event is for YOU. If you are a seasoned real estate entrepreneur… guess what? This event is for YOU!

Here is what YOU are going to get when you come to Evergreen Success Cashflow Summit this May 6th through May 7th, 2017 (VIP Session on May 8th):

1. Education – Learn the game plan & strategies that real estate entrepreneurs use for success.
2. Transformation – Leave the event better than you were before you came. Have an actionable game plan to follow to increase or start your business when you go home.
3. Inspiration – Be inspired by real estate entrepreneurs who are doing it big
4. Association – Iron sharpens iron! meet & network other real estate professionals from across the country.
Now keep in mind, this 2-Day Event will run Saturday, May 6th to Sunday, May 7th. There will be a SPECIAL V.I.P. session on Monday, May 8th to those who UPGRADE their tickets.
VIP SESSION: The V.I.P. session on May 8th will ONLY be held for 10 entrepreneurs.
We will teach individualized marketing for your business… have a hot seat discussion on how to 10X your business… mastermind… discuss setting up advanced profit streams to implement in your current business… AND we’ll feed you good food as well as hang out on the waterfront (weather permitting)!

Where will the events take place?

The 2-Day Event (May 6th and 7th) will be held at the beautiful Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside, 100 Washington Avenue, Bremerton, WA  98337.   EASY access from the Seattle – Bremerton Ferry.  The conference center is right next door to the Washington Ferry Terminal, so if you’re coming from Seattle on the WSF, there’s really no reason to take your car onto the ferry.  If you do decide to drive or bring your car, discounted parking will be available at the conference center.

For privacy reasons we will only reveal the SPECIAL V.I.P. session location to those who have purchased tickets to the event.

What time will we start and finish?

Registration on Saturday morning begins at 8:30 with the main event starting at 9am.  Expect a full day both Saturday and Sunday.  Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on each day.  The VIP Session will also start early on Monday with lunch provided.

What about hotels and restaurants?

While we don’t have a host hotel for this event, there is both the Marriott Fairfield Inn and Suites and Hampton Inn within short walking distance.  There are also several quality restaurants nearby.

Can I network with others?

ABSOLUTELY!  We are all about networking (and having fun while doing it.)  Everyone is encouraged to come prepared with business cards and to have fun.  (While Happy Hour and dinner is on your own, typically we’ll get together and have fun while building relationships.)

Evergreen Cash Flow Summit