The Cash Flow Summit

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Starring Joe Varnadore of NoteSchool

Starring Claude Diamond of The G.U.T.S Sales and Success Method


Two great speakers, two great topics, two great days!

Joe Varnadore and Claude Diamond are coming to Seattle (Bremerton), WA

September 23 – 24, 2017

Kitsap Conference Center

100 Washington Ave, Bremerton, WA 98337


Saturday, September 23

Joe Varnadore

Join us on Saturday, September 23rd, at the Kitsap Conference Center for an entertaining and educational day with Joe Varnadore. Joe is part of the Noteschool Team that Eddie Speed has put together.

You’ll discover…

  • How to create multiple streams of passive cash flow that fuel your lifestyle all through retirement (I’m not talking about being a landlord…this true ‘set it and forget it’ income).
  • Why great REO deals are getting harder and harder to find (making it tougher and tougher to find good investments in your area).
  • Why Wall Street has muscled in on your action (and how even the little guy can work with them to land incredible property deals).
  • A simple investing twist that takes you out of the ‘tenants and toilets’ game for good (and no, I’m not talking about hiring property managers).
  • Why right now is the absolute best time to get involved with real estate-backed notes (position yourself just in front of this profit tsunami and ride this wave for years to come).
  • How to start and grow a real estate empire using just $100 out of your self-directed IRA (and grow that empire completely tax-free).
  • A completely innovative way to sell a home so that you enjoy cash flow payments for years – even though you actually got paid to buy the home (no – I’m not talking about lease-options or any other strategy you’ve likely heard of).
  • How to apply your current real estate knowledge and skills to make even greater profits with the note business
  • Why Real Estate Agents, investors, builders, property buyers and sellers are creating a strong demand for these services and how you can cash in by becoming the “go to” person  
  • Why the Note Business is the Hottest Topic in Real Estate Today and why the Government is pushing it
  • Why flipping notes is easier and less time consuming than flipping properties 

About Joe Varnadore:

Investing in his first property at the age of 19, Joe learned the importance of using creative financing to make the deal work. Since then, Joe has created, brokered, bought and sold more than 10,000 real estate notes on both residential and commercial properties. As an author, speaker, and trainer for the past 25 years, he believes that there has never been a greater opportunity for real estate investors to use non-performing notes to acquire properties and seller financing to cash out.

“I haven’t seen a market this good in 30+ years of note investing…”

–Eddie Speed, founder of NoteSchool


Sunday, September 24

Claude Diamond, “The Mentor”

Join us on Sunday, September 24th at the Kitsap Conference Center for an entertaining and educational day with Claude Diamond. If you don’t know who Claude Diamond is, just Google him!  Claude is the inventor of the G.U.T.S. selling technique, and has trained thousands in this effective technique (including us!), as well as creative deal strategies such as Lease Purchase.

G.U.T.S.™ is the Simple 3 Step Method Taught by Author and Investor Claude Diamond.   G.U.T.S.™ = Great Untraditional Unorthodox Techniques Of Sales and Success

  • G.U.T.S. is a comprehensive Sales, Marketing and Strategy System designed for The Creative Real Estate Investor and Professional who wants to go to the bank and work Smart.
  • G.U.T.S. is about No More Presentations, No More Asking for The Order, No More exhausting Q&A’s with The Prospect.
  • G.U.T.S. is Never feeling embarrassed or humiliated during the Sales Process.
  • G.U.T.S. is a Marketing plan which creates all the leads you will ever need without spending Money.
  • G.U.T.S. is a Sales Training Program that allows you to qualify the prospect in 3 minutes or less and never make cold calls.
  • G.U.T.S. is all about feeling great about yourself, ALL THE TIME, on the way to the bank.

Get ready for a fun and interactive day as you’ll discover…

  • How to Convert All Cold Calls to Warm Friendly Calls!
  • How to Eliminate Rejection or Anxiety in Sales!
  • How to Ditch the Scripts!  No more Presentations!
  • How to create a System to Generate Quality Leads Daily at NO Cost!


  • How to start and grow a real estate empire – even if you don’t have much money or a rich uncle!
  • Why Claude tells his prospects to tell him NO! (this is really interesting)

About Claude Diamond:

Claude Diamond is a fellow Real Estate Investor who has created a wonderful lifestyle thanks to creative real estate. Originally from New York City and Hopatcong N.J. he now spends his time between Winter Park, Colorado, San Diego, California and Maui, Hawaii.

Claude holds a degree in business and a Juris Doctorate in Law. He addresses investment clubs and corporations around the United States and has spoken at national seminars and conventions on the subjects of Lease Purchasing/Creative Real Estate, The New G.U.T.S.™ Sales System, Personal and Business Achievement and Wealth Creation. He is the author and creator of several digital media educational products dealing with success. His most recent success novel, The Mentor, A Story of Success is a best seller on Amazon.


The 2-Day Event, (September 23rd and 24th), will be held at the beautiful Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside, 100 Washington Avenue, Bremerton, WA  98337.   EASY access from the Seattle – Bremerton Ferry.  The conference center is right next door -literally a couple hundred steps- to the Washington Ferry Terminal, so if you’re coming from Seattle on the WSF, so if you take the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton, consider ditching the car and just walking onto the ferry – save time and money. If you do decide to bring your car or you plan to drive to the event, discounted parking will be available at the Kitsap Conference Center for attendees.

Seattle to Bremerton Ferry Schedule (WA DOT)         Kitsap Fast Ferry

Start and Finish Times

Registration on Saturday morning begins at 8:30 with the main event starting at 9am. Expect a full day both Saturday and Sunday. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on each day, as well as snacks throughout the day.


Nearby hotels and restaurants

While we don’t have a host hotel for this event, there is both the Marriott Fairfield Inn, and the Hampton Inn within short walking distance.  There are also several quality restaurants nearby.

Networking Opportunities?

ABSOLUTELY!  We are all about networking (and having fun while doing it.)  Everyone is encouraged to come prepared with business cards and to have fun.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking for passive income opportunities, this event is for YOU. If you want to hone your sales skills, this event is for YOU.  If you are newbie real estate investor, this event is for YOU.  If you are a seasoned real estate entrepreneur… guess what? This event is for DEFINITELY FOR YOU! Here is what you will get when you come to the Cashflow Summit on Saturday and/or Sunday September 23-24:

  1. Education– Learn the game plan & strategies that real estate entrepreneurs use for success.
  2. Transformation– Leave the event better than you were before you came. Have an actionable game plan to follow to increase or start your business when you go home.
  3. Inspiration– Be inspired by real estate entrepreneurs who are doing it big
  4. Association– Iron sharpens iron! Meet & network other real estate professionals in your community and from across the country.

What are you waiting for?

Seating is Limited

A little background on the folks who created the Success Cashflow Summit…

Marishka Pilch specializes in alternative finance (lease purchase, seller finance, etc.) as well as buying notes.  With a background in mortgage lending, and growing up with a construction family, she says real estate is just in her blood.  Marishka left her corporate job and has been a full time real estate entrepreneur since 2012.  She (and Larry) have coached a number of real estate entrepreneurs all over the country to success, and they are currently developing a lease purchase course.

Larry Gill is the “secret sauce” of this real estate investing team.  Having owned a successful photography business for over 25 years, Larry heads up the marketing side of the business, including all the beautiful photographs they use on their websites (no stock photos here) and in their marketing.  He also manages their rehab projects.  Larry had the honor to intern with NoteSchool recently.  While he never thought he’d be an intern at his age, it was a terrific experience for him, working with the top Note education company in the country.

Julie Clark is a co-founder of the Seattle Investors Club, one of the absolute best real estate clubs in the Pacific Northwest. One of the goals of SIC is to help investors narrow in on the most valuable information and education in their own personal toolbox for whichever stage they are at in their investing career. Julie is a real estate broker at HomeLink International as well as an investor.   She has a unique skill set in that she will provide her clients (Buyers & Sellers) clear and specific advice on how to achieve their goals in the most cost effective manner.  Her goal is to save her clients money on any listing and to offer competitive and proven buying strategies for today’s low inventory market.  She is also very experienced in land sales, multi-family and other commercial real estate transactions.

Joe Bauer is also a co-founder of the Seattle Investors Club.  A marketing genius, he’s extremely knowledgeable on running the ‘technology’ of a real estate business.  Seattle Investors Club buys, sells, and rehabs properties all over the Greater Seattle area, and Joe is the connection in making sure all runs well.  There’s a reason SIC is the most active real estate investor club in Seattle.  Everyone in the community is passionate about real estate investing with the ultimate goal of controlling their financial future, creating lasting wealth, as well as choosing what they spend their valuable time on, and he’s an integral part of connecting people.  Joe also believes a strong business depends on a fit body, and he is the writer/producer of The AllAroundJoe Blog & Podcast where you’ll find tips and insights from his personal experience as an athlete, coach, and AllAround self improvement junky.

Eat, Drink, & Be Charitable

We are extremely grateful to live and work in the beautiful Puget Sound region, and we continually work to give back to our community in impactful, rewarding ways supporting charitable initiatives.  Join Larry Gill, Marishka Pilch, along with Joe Varnadore, Claude Diamond and other investors for an evening of dining, enjoying fine beverages, and stimulating conversation at a charitable fund raising dinner to benefit the Kitsap Habitat for Humanity.  Larry and Marishka of Evergreen Advisors, Inc are the corporate sponsors of the dinner and event, so 100% of your donation will go to charity.  (Minimum suggested donation is $100 per person, collected at the dinner via checks, cash, or credit card pledge card. Habitat for Humanity is a501(c)(3) organization)  Dinner is limited to 15, and registration is seperate from the Cash Flow Summit.  Once we reach 15 folks, the dinner will be sold out.

 Please note.  While the dinner is no charge to you, we do require that you register in advance as seating is limited.)

Days Until the Cash Flow Summit!